Concordia Labels is a group of well-known European Label Converters.
They work together; share experiences, technology, learnings, best
practices, ideas and present themselves as a total solution to Brand
Owners with sufficient back-up facilities. All these companies have a
long history and strong expertise in the label market. Today the group
unifies the strength of these members: 

•   Arca Etichette (Italy)
  Auraprint (Finland)
  Etiketten Carini (Austria)
  Eshuis (Netherlands)
•   GundlachLogo. - Logo Etiketten (Germany)
  Label-pak (Belgium) 
  OPM (UK)

As a group we are investigating opportunities to improve the services from our suppliers, by combining volumes and making overall
agreements for the members. In 2016 and 2017 two more European companies will be added to Concordia Labels.